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What is “Gobou Nuki” (ごぼう抜き, ごぼうぬき) ?

The phrase “ごぼう抜き” (Gobou Nuki) is used when you pull out stick-shaped objects suddenly just like pulling burdocks. You can say “Gobou Nuki” when a runner passes others all at once. If a runner overtakes three or more people, we admire that performance by saying “Gobou Nuki”.
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Is this URL the Same as this Japanese Title?

Please read that URL from right to left. You can see “Ushinawareta-Mirai”, right? As you know, the title of this anime is “Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete.” (失われた 未来を 求めて, うしなわれた みらい を もとめて)
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Are Cicadas Summer Insects in Japan?

Japanese people feel the beginning of summer in July when cicadas begin to cry. The peak of summer is in August, when they give off the loudest cry. Then in September, they become quiet and made us realize it is late summer.
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