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Where can I Eat “Tachi gui soba” (Soba in Standing) in Japan?

The easiest way is to go to rain stations. Not all the stations has “Tachi gui soba” (Soba in Standing) shops but major ones tend to have one. The reason why there is a soba stand at a station is to meet the needs of the busy office workers to have their lunch easily and quickly.
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When do Japanese Students Change from Winter Uniform to Summer One?

The lunar calendar and the astronomy are also used to divide seasons in Japan, for your information. The point is that it begins to become hot in May at the earliest, and the heat stays till October in Japan. That is why, in general, 1st June is set as the date to change from winter uniforms to summer, and 1st October is to change the other way around.
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Why Do Japanese Junior High School Students Go to Juku for High School Exams?

That’s because they would like to get into the best possible high school. This leads them into the best possible university. It will also result in letting them find the best possible employer. There are some arguments whether this whole idea is good for the students or not, also right or not. It is however widely known in Japan.
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Is Mahjong (麻雀, まーじゃん, Mahjong) a Common Game?

Mahjong is a table game that originated in China. Generally four people play against each other, but there are many cases where the game only includes three players, especially in the Kansai area. Japanese people learn Mahjong when they are high school or university students. However, only about 30% of students can play Mahjong nowadays.