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Is “Warawa” (わらわ) a Common First Person Pronoun in Japan?

As you may know, there are multiple first person pronouns in Japanese. Women use Watashi (私, わたし) for their first person pronoun, but don’t use “Warawa” in general. Originally, “Warawa” was a word that a woman used to humbly identifies herself. In anime or other fiction, it is used by the queen or princess when they address themselves pompously.
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Why are Apartment Rental Expenses in Japan Expensive?

In Japan, is is customary for a lessee to pay not only monthly rent but also (1) security deposit called “敷金” (しききん, Shiki Kin) and (2) key money called “礼金” (れいきん, Rei Kin). For example, in the case of a listing with “Deposit: 2 months, Key money: 1 month, Monthly rent: 100,000 yen”, you are expected to pay 400,000 yen (= 200,000 yen deposit + 100,000 yen key money + 100,000 yen for rent) in the first month. After the second month, the expected payment will only be 100,000 yen monthly rent.