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How do I Use a Food Ticket in Japan?

First, put your money in the ticket vending machine and push the button of the item you want to eat. You will get a pair of tickets, so give both to the waiter. The waiter will give one back to you, so check the number on that ticket.
Idioms Angel Beats!,Mizu kusai

What does “Mizu kusai” (水臭い, みずくさい) Mean?

“Mizu kusai” means that food is tasteless. The flavor becomes weak due to high moisture in the food. Literally translated, it means water smell. When you use this word figuratively to describe someone, it means “Don’t act like a stranger/You treat me like a stranger”.
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What should You Keep in Mind when You Visit Someone in Japanese Hospital?

In Japan, you must not bring “Yuri” (ゆり, lily flowers) to hospitals. Lilies are unsuitable for small hospital rooms because they have a strong scent. They also bloom downwards, which remind Japanese people of death. Although it all depends on the condition and circumstances of the patient, it is generally sensible to avoid giving lilies as gifts.
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