When do Japanese Students Change from Winter Uniform to Summer One?


When do Japanese Students Change from Winter Uniform to Summer One?

The timing to change the uniform is set by schools. As you may know already, we have the four seasons in Japan. At first, let’s review what the Japanese four seasons are. Four seasons can be divided by various classifications.

Division by the Meteorological Agency (General division)

  • Spring:    March to May
  • Summer: June to August
  • Autumn:  September to November
  • Winter:    December to February


Division by the academic year (at a company and school)

  • Spring:     April to June
  • Summer: July to September
  • Autumn:  October to December
  • Winter:    January to March

The lunar calendar and the astronomy are also used to divide seasons in Japan, for your information. The point is that it begins to become hot in May at the earliest, and the heat stays till October in Japan. That is why, in general, 1st June is set as the date to change from winter uniforms to summer, and 1st October is to change the other way around. However, with the effect of the global warming, many schools set the transition periods to suit to the various weather. For example, the transition period from winter to summer uniform is set in the last two to four weeks of May. The period for the winter uniform is also scheduled in the first two to four weeks of October.


Charlotte, Winter Uniform Summer Uniform

Charlotte, Winter Uniform Summer Uniform

©VisualArt’s/Key/Charlotte Project

In these images from “Charlotte”, a character in “Charlotte” wears a summer uniform and a winter uniform. These images from “Charlotte” shows the changes of the seasons. The girl has changed the jacket and the skirt from season to season, it seems, on the other hand, that the boy has just taken his jacket off, but the fabrics used for trousers are changed from thick to thin (I guess).

Like this casual scene from the images, you could feel the sense of the Japanese four seasons from the uniforms characters are wearing. If you look at the clothes carefully, you could guess the seasons, even for a story with a complicated time order. Let’ focus not only a lovely uniform design but on a “timing” the uniform to get changed. It may be an important point for the story.



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