What is “Nitchoku” (日直, にっちょく) in Japanese School?


What is “Nitchoku” (日直, にっちょく) in Japanese School?  “Nitchoku” (日直, にっちょく) is day duty.


In Search of the Lost Future,


This image from “In Search of the Lost Future” is the scene where Kaori (right) says “I am on day duty today”. Day duty in school includes the following activities:

  • collecting & distributing handouts
  • cleaning the blackboard
  • writing a class diary
  • locking the windows and doors when students go to a different classroom
  • ordering to “stand-up, bow, and take a seat” when class begins

Many Japanese schools have adopted this system. This helps foster the social responsibility of children. Details such as the contents of tasks, frequency and whether they perform tasks in pairs depends on the region and school.


Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san, Nitchoku

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This image from “Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san” is the scene where Nishikata (right boy) came to school early in order to do day duty activities (but he has forgot it). Most of the students including him do not like day duty because this work is boring as above. However, if I am with Takagi-san, I will be glad to do that work (she may tease me).



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