What is “肝油” (かんゆ, Kan yu) ?


What is “肝油” (かんゆ, Kan yu) ?

“肝油” (かんゆ, Kan yu) is cod liver oil. This is a nutritional supplement derived from the livers of cod fish.
“肝” (かん, Kan) means a liver and
“油” (ゆ, Yu) means oil.

In recent years, companies have succeeded in adding sweetness to it, but in the past, it was like a chemical liquid with the unique, classic odor of cod liver oil. You would easily understand her horrified reaction like the following image from “Strike Witches”.

Strike Witches,Kanyu

(C)2007 第501統合戦闘航空団


In Japan, it was used as a nutritional supplement during school lunch after the Pacific War. It is manufactured and sold even today, but we don’t see it as much. Japanese young people may not even know about it. (I have never seen it, and I don’t want to take it.)



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