Can I Drink Tap Water in Japan?


Can I Drink Tap Water in Japan?

The tap water in Japan are being disinfected with Chlorine so you can drink it with no problem. There are only 15 out of 196 countries in the world that tap water is safe to drink.

Tap water is strictly controlled by the law set by Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare. There are 51 check points and will have to achieve all points. The check list is long and very strict to follow so the quality of the tap water is very good. Also the business that manages the tap water will need approval from the Ministry. Not just the “Safety” but they focus on the “taste” as well, and tap water in Tokyo tastes as good as a bottled water. A study made in 2013 showed that over 50% of the people chose tap water being more tasty than a bottled water. (*1)

In some area, where tap water doesn’t taste good or smells strong of chlorine disinfect, can be solved by installing a purifier (about JPY 2,000 to 5,000). However all areas in Japan passed the standard so unless it is in a very remote area, the tap water is safe to drink.


Plastic Memories,drink tap water

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This is a sciene where Tsukasa drinks water from the tap directly. In this near future world of “Plastic Memories” we should expect tap water being safe and tasty. There wouldn’t be any Japanese person who will be puzzled at this science.

Report held by Hosei university, 2013.



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