What is “磨穿鉄硯” (ませんてっけん, Masen Tekken) in Kisara’s Office?


What is “磨穿鉄硯” (ませんてっけん, Masen Tekken) in Kisara’s Office?

“磨穿鉄硯” (Masen Tekken) means to keep a strong will and strive until you achieve your goals. As for the meanings of each character, “磨”(Ma) means to erode, and “穿”(Sen) means to make a hole. “鉄硯”(Tekken) is an inkstone, which is a stationery made of iron. You would put water and grind an inkstick in it produce ink.

The literal translation of “磨穿鉄硯”(Masen Tekken) is to study as hard as eroding an inkstone and make a hole in it. In other words, it means to strive until you reach your goals by maintaining a strong will.

Some people make this word their motto. some Japanese company presidents include this word in their management philosophy, and put it in their office.

Now you can see that Kisara Tendo has a strong will in her own business. When your Japanese friends ask you what your favorite word is, try answering that question by writing “磨穿鉄硯”(Masen Tekken) in kanji. They would be very impressed, saying “How do you know such difficult words?!”
(Because not many Japanese people know the meaning of this word)


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