What is “Panpii” ?


What is “Panpii” ?


Ga-Rei: Zero,Panpii


Panpii is a Japanese abbreviation for “ordinary people”. In this image from “Ga-Rei: Zero”, You may remember the scene where Kazuki (left man) says “Oretachi wa Panpii”, which means “we are Panpii”.

“Ordinary people” is written as “一般人” in Japanese.
“一般” (いっぱん, Ippan) means ordinary and “人” (じん, Jin) means people or person.
People is read as “ピープル” (ぴーぷる, piipuru) in Japanese.

In other words, “一般人” consists of “一般” (Ippan) and “ピープル” (Piipuru).
“一般ピープル” is pronounced as “Ippan Piipuru” in Japanese, and this becomes “般ピー” (Panpii) in short.

Some people use the expression Panpii as a slang word. Naturally, we don’t use it at work or in formal occasions, but you can use it with close friends. This word is used often, so it’s worth remembering.


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