What is “Nengu no Osamedoki” (年貢の納め時, ねんぐのおさめどき)?


What is “Nengu no Osamedoki” (年貢の納め時, ねんぐのおさめどき)?

This image from “In Search of the Lost Future” is the scene where Kenny (right) says “Sou mo Nengu no Osamedoki” (奏も年貢の納め時, そうもねんぐのおさめどき) because Sou just doesn’t go out with Kaori.

“Nengu no Osamedoki” means that those who kept engaging in evil acts for a long time will eventually be caught and serve as prisoners. You can also say this when you have to give up certain things that are not necessarily bad. The literal translation is “It is time to pay the nengu (an annual tribute).”, and you use this phrase when you have to give something up.

If you translate this phrase into English in a negative way, that would be
“You can’t get away with it anymore.”, and you could say
“You have to face the reality and make a decision.” in a positive way.

In Japan, this proverb is usually used in a positive context such as marriage. If you use this phrase to a couple who have been dating for a long time, you are urging them to get married. If a man and woman have just got to know each other, this phrase would mean they should start dating already.

So in this scene, Kenny wishes that Sou would go out with Kaori.


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