Why do Japanese Eat Poisonous Puffer Fish?


Why do Japanese Eat Poisonous Puffer Fish?

That’s because they are bland and have a nice and sweet taste to it. As you know, puffer fish have nerve toxins called tetrodotoxin in their livers and ovaries. If you eat the poisonous part, you will develop symptoms of poisoning such as numbness and vomit, and in some cases, death.

For this reason, in Japan, there is a law that you have to have a specialized license and credentials to cook puffer fish. The cooks with the license and credentials cook them at puffer fish restaurants. Japanese people give so much credit to the cooks and the food quality and safety to the point where their lives are in the cooks’ hands. (This means that they are great cooks.)



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Conversely, it is very dangerous to cook and eat puffer fish without the license and credentials. In Japan, there are 30 cases of food poisoning and 3 cases of death per year from puffer fish which are cooked unprofessionally. Even if you catch a puffer fish like in these images from “Another”, don’t ever cook and eat it in your own way.



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