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Joke In Search of the Lost Future,

Is this URL the Same as this Japanese Title?

Please read that URL from right to left. You can see “Ushinawareta-Mirai”, right? As you know, the title of this anime is “Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete.” (失われた 未来を 求めて, うしなわれた みらい を もとめて)
Joke Angel Beats!,Kancho

What is “Kancho” (カンチョー) ?

This is a Japanese children’s prank involving poking someone’s bum (anus) by clasping their hands with their index fingers pointing upwards like a gun. Typically, you can see kids do this among close friends around the ages between elementary school.
Hobby Angel Beats!,Mahjong

Is Mahjong (麻雀, まーじゃん, Mahjong) a Common Game?

Mahjong is a table game that originated in China. Generally four people play against each other, but there are many cases where the game only includes three players, especially in the Kansai area. Japanese people learn Mahjong when they are high school or university students. However, only about 30% of students can play Mahjong nowadays.