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What is the Large Cloth Bag She Has?

This is called “Furoshiki” (風呂敷, ふろしき). It is a square-ish cloth used to wrap, carry and store items. Although it is a simple cloth sheet, it was widely used in Edo Period (1603 to 1867 year) as it can wrap things of various shapes and sizes.

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Why do Japanese Pay Cash Rather Than Cards?

Because a lot of Japanese people like to use cash over cards. According to a survey in 2016, 51% of people said they pay in cash and 26% of them said they pay with cards. There are several reasons why Japanese people prefer cash to cards:
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Is a Seal Required to Receive a Package in Japan?

We can also receive a package with a signature. In Japan, a Hanko (Seal) is more meaningful as evidence of a manifestation of intention that “I have certainly agreed to this.”, rather than as a tool of identity certification.