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Shelter Angel Beats!,garbage dumping rules

What is the Poster in the Garbage Dump?

We must obey garbage dumping rules just like the ones above. Even foreigners must follow such rules if you live in Japan. As the garbage dump rules are different in each community, you need to check with your neighbors when you live in Japan.
Shelter BlackBullet,apartment rental expenses in Japan

Why are Apartment Rental Expenses in Japan Expensive?

In Japan, is is customary for a lessee to pay not only monthly rent but also (1) security deposit called “敷金” (しききん, Shiki Kin) and (2) key money called “礼金” (れいきん, Rei Kin). For example, in the case of a listing with “Deposit: 2 months, Key money: 1 month, Monthly rent: 100,000 yen”, you are expected to pay 400,000 yen (= 200,000 yen deposit + 100,000 yen key money + 100,000 yen for rent) in the first month. After the second month, the expected payment will only be 100,000 yen monthly rent.