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What does “Mizu kusai” (水臭い, みずくさい) Mean?

“Mizu kusai” means that food is tasteless. The flavor becomes weak due to high moisture in the food. Literally translated, it means water smell. When you use this word figuratively to describe someone, it means “Don’t act like a stranger/You treat me like a stranger”.
Slang Ga-Rei: Zero,Panpii

What is “Panpii” ?

Panpii is a Japanese abbreviation for “ordinary people”. You may remember the scene where Kazuki (left man) says “Oretachi wa Panpii”, which means “we are Panpii”.
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Is “Warawa” (わらわ) a Common First Person Pronoun in Japan?

As you may know, there are multiple first person pronouns in Japanese. Women use Watashi (私, わたし) for their first person pronoun, but don’t use “Warawa” in general. Originally, “Warawa” was a word that a woman used to humbly identifies herself. In anime or other fiction, it is used by the queen or princess when they address themselves pompously.