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What is “Gobou Nuki” (ごぼう抜き, ごぼうぬき) ?

The phrase “ごぼう抜き” (Gobou Nuki) is used when you pull out stick-shaped objects suddenly just like pulling burdocks. You can say “Gobou Nuki” when a runner passes others all at once. If a runner overtakes three or more people, we admire that performance by saying “Gobou Nuki”.
Idioms Angel Beats!,Mizu kusai

What does “Mizu kusai” (水臭い, みずくさい) Mean?

“Mizu kusai” means that food is tasteless. The flavor becomes weak due to high moisture in the food. Literally translated, it means water smell. When you use this word figuratively to describe someone, it means “Don’t act like a stranger/You treat me like a stranger”.