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Japanese School Life: Anime vs Reality Compared by a Japanese Person Studying for 16 Years

When you see some Japanese cultures like Japanese school uniforms, Japanese school lunch, Japanese school clubs in anime, you would wonder if there is any difference between school life in anime and in real life. In this article, I, a Japanese person who has studied in Japan for 16 years, will tell you Japanese school facts with Japanese sensibilities. You’ll see the social structure in Japan, like the academic background-oriented society and Japanese job-hunting system as well as the real school life that anime never tells you.

Idioms In Search of the Lost Future,

What is “Gobou Nuki” (ごぼう抜き, ごぼうぬき) ?

The phrase “ごぼう抜き” (Gobou Nuki) is used when you pull out stick-shaped objects suddenly just like pulling burdocks. You can say “Gobou Nuki” when a runner passes others all at once. If a runner overtakes three or more people, we admire that performance by saying “Gobou Nuki”.
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