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Do You Know National Flowers of Japan? Cherry Blossom and What is the Other One?

As many of you know, the national flower of Japan is “桜” (さくら, Sakura), cherry blossom. But do you know that there’s another one? “菊” (きく, Kiku), chrysanthemum is also Japan’s national flower.

Cherry blossom and chrysanthemum have different meanings and roles as national flower. Cherry blossom is symbol of Japanese culture. On the other hand, chrysanthemum is symbol of the emperor of Japan and the imperial family. They’ve used the image of chrysanthemum as the imperial crest for a long time.

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Why do Japanese Eat Poisonous Puffer Fish?

That’s because they are bland and have a nice and sweet taste to it. As you know, puffer fish have nerve toxins called tetrodotoxin in their livers and ovaries. If you eat the poisonous part, you will develop symptoms of poisoning such as numbness and vomit, and in some cases, death.

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Are Cicadas Summer Insects in Japan?

Japanese people feel the beginning of summer in July when cicadas begin to cry. The peak of summer is in August, when they give off the loudest cry. Then in September, they become quiet and made us realize it is late summer.
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What is “伊勢” (いせ, Ise) ?

“伊勢” (いせ, Ise) is a city located in the southeastern part of Mie prefecture. The Ise Grand Shrine (伊勢神宮, いせじんぐう, Ise Jingu) is famous in this area.
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What should You Keep in Mind when You Visit Someone in Japanese Hospital?

In Japan, you must not bring “Yuri” (ゆり, lily flowers) to hospitals. Lilies are unsuitable for small hospital rooms because they have a strong scent. They also bloom downwards, which remind Japanese people of death. Although it all depends on the condition and circumstances of the patient, it is generally sensible to avoid giving lilies as gifts.
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